Impact and Media Strategies for Documentary Films and Film Festivals

About Me


I design and implement impact and audience engagement campaigns for documentary films and film festivals and I am an expert event organizer, arts-related festivals and happenings.  I also write, research and fundraise for film projects.


I have led outreach efforts for some great films and festivals, including Emmy-nominated, POV/PBS documentary "Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North" (Katrina Browne, 2008), award-winning historical documentary "Rebel" (Maria Aguí Carter, 2013) groundbreaking "1913 Seeds of Conflict" (Ben Loeterman, 2014) and the Nation´s Capital Environmental Film Festival on Tour Boston, including "Death by Design" (Sue Williams, 2016), "The Age of Consequences" (Jared P. Scott, 2016), and "Ice and the Sky" (Luc Jaquet, 2016). 


I believe in the power of stories to inspire and transform. I understand the importance of getting documentary films out to wide audiences, and to extend their life and maximize their impact through well designed, multi-platform strategies.


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I also freelance as a writer, screenwriter, translator and copy editor both in English and Spanish.  I have worked for a variety of industries including non-profit, government, film and education. Go to TRANSLATION to learn more about my work and check my availability.

Click on the following links to read some of my published short stories (in Spanish):


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