Outreach and Distribution Strategies for Documentary Films & Film Festivals

We design and implement impact campaigns for independent documentaries. We work with films that question the status quo, denounce injustices and illuminate some of the most important issues of our times. We also manage outreach, audience engagement and communications needs for film festivals and film series.


With over 20 years of experience in the film and television industries, we have had the pleasure to work with many amazing media makers and we understand the challenges of an ever evolving field. Whether planning your film release, crafting a niche film festival circuit, achieving educational impact, or generating public discussion, our campaigns focus on exposing your film to a wide range of diverse audiences nationwide and maximizing impact through creative strategies and a multi-platform approach. We specialize in campaign design & implementation, educational tours, theatrical and semi-theatrical screening tours, film festival circuits, strategic partnerships, social media assetts and management, website content audit, and digital strategy.


We have worked for a variety of film festivals in a variety of programmatic, media and outreach roles including Cortogenia, Boston Latino International Film Festival (BLIFF), The Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital (DCEFF) on Tour Boston 2016 and 2017, and DOUBLE EXPOSURE Investigative Film Festival and Symposium.


"...Marga has been an incredibly solid, reliable, thorough, conscientious, diplomatic, caring and savvy partner for five years now as she maneuvers a whole host of complex dynamics with our very public oriented work... She is also a great writer..."


Katrina Browne, Director of Traces of the Trade 

(PBS/POV, Emmy nominated, Sundance Official Selection)

Creative Outreach & Distribution Campaigns

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