Marga Varea

Outreach and Distribution Strategies for Documentary Films & Film Festivals

Outreach & Distribution Packages



Drawing on over 20 years of experience connecting documentary films and film festivals to audiences, we offer quality, creative and flexible support. We have a commitment to the issues portrayed in the films and events we work with and we are driven to generate buzz and grow the impact of your project across communitites and platforms nationally.


Whether you need help expanding your outreach, building your online presence, planning a community tour, promoting an upcoming campaign or getting ready for your premiere, our impact packages are designed to help you connect with and grow your audiences while increasing exposure for your project.  


We offer packages focused on Campaign Design that you and your team can implement, and packages focused on both Design and Implementation, where we take charge of both areas.  These packages include:  vision development, engagement strategy planning, timeline, research, and partnerships.


We also offer a variety of Social Media and PR packages including social media strategy, management and assets development, e-mail marketing, website content audit and website development.


Contact us to get a copy of our Outreach Packages and rates.


Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North (Katrina Browne, 2008)


I Know a Man...Ashley Bryan (Richard Kane, 2016)

Fred in Studio

J. Fred Woell: An American Vision (Richard Kane, 2017)