Marga Varea

Outreach and Distribution Strategies for Documentary Films & Film Festivals

Writing has been part of my world since I can barely remember. I wrote long, elaborate stories as a child, film scripts as a young adult, and short fiction as a grown-up.  I studied journalism because I thought that would secure a lifelong relationship with words.  I have worked extensively as a script consultant, screenwriter, and screenwriter teacher.  


I  am a experienced English to Spanish translator, editor and proofreader.  I also freelance as a screenwriter for educational, multimedia and entertainment products both in Spanish and English.  


I have worked in a variety of industries including non profit, film/television, education, publishing, etc, and I have an excellent track record of satisfied clients.  My work has been described as reliable, meticulous, and always on time. My fees are competitive and reflect the experience and passion I put into each and every job.  


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"Your translation has received acclaim in all of our amazing community classrooms and made this unique and much-needed resource book completely accessible to our Latino families. Thank you from all of us!!!"


Sandra Malmquist, Director

Connecticut Children's Museum




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